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Comprehensive curriculum that includes weekly check-in calls and monthly benchmark goals.

About The Course

Using my 11 years of experience I have created the ultimate coaching program to help models & creators realize their financial dreams. My unique, customized program includes all aspects of what it takes to be a top model. This program will teach you how to significantly boost your earnings and homepage rank.

Increase viewers and traffic

  • WHO are you are attracting and WHY.
  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • Effective marketing campaigns that attract quality viewers.

Increase content sales

  • Sales teqniques that actually improve audience satisfaction.
  • Offer the right content to the right client.
  • Review & refine subscription, private show, merchandise, and content sales process.

More active tippers

  • Understanding what your tippers/audience see when they view you online.
  • Learn how to manage your live shows and reduce frustration!
  • Non-verbal ques that encourage tipping.

−Month ONE Benchmarks−

• Clarity on who your audience is.
• Identify and engage potential ‘high quality’ viewers.
• Refined messaging strategy for show promo, advertising clip/fan/personal sites.

−Month TWO Benchmarks−

• Building Engagement in live shows.
• Update camming & social profiles to improve your ‘brand voice’.
• See results in your sales and earnings.

Month THREE Benchmarks−

• Optimizing processes/strategies we established in month 1 & 2.
• ‘Graduation Plan’ to keep the momentum going after you’ve completed the 90 days.
• Book ‘30 day check-in’ appointment.

PACKAGE VALUE - $350/per month
MODEL SAVINGS - $150/per month
*Monthly subscription charge ends after 3 months*

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