Comprehensive curriculum that's personalized to fit your exact needs and levels of expertise. It includes a weekly meeting and monthly benchmark goals.

About The Course

More than just consulting an expert, coaching leadership is characterized by collaboration, support, and guidence. I am sharing everything i have learned over the past 12+ years from cam modeling, content creation, working at CAM4 head office (traffic, homepage algorithms, professional marketing strategies), training a global audience, psychology (sales, negotiation), production (cinematography, photography, editing, streaming FX), social media, feedback collected from regulars, viewers and whales about their experiences, and of course watching hundreds of hours of live cam shows in order to provide model feedback.
My ‘Cam Model MasterClass’ is the most comprehensive collection of camming knowledge you will find anywhere. We are a team working together to unlock your full potential and realize your financial goals.

Increase viewers and traffic

  • WHO are you are attracting and WHY.
  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • Effective marketing campaigns that attract quality viewers.

Increase content sales

  • Sales teqniques that actually improve audience satisfaction.
  • Offer the right content to the right client.
  • Review & refine subscription, private show, merchandise, and content sales process.

More active tippers

  • Understanding what your tippers/audience see when they view you online.
  • Learn how to manage your live shows and reduce frustration!
  • Non-verbal ques that encourage tipping.

−Month ONE Benchmarks−

• Clarity on who your audience is.
• Identify and engage potential ‘high quality’ viewers.
• Refined messaging strategy for show promo, advertising clip/fan/personal sites.

−Month TWO Benchmarks−

• Building Engagement in live shows.
• Update camming & social profiles to improve your ‘brand voice’.
• See results in your sales and earnings.

Month THREE Benchmarks−

• Optimizing processes/strategies we established in month 1 & 2.
• ‘Graduation Plan’ to keep the momentum going after you’ve completed the 90 days.
• Book ‘30 day check-in’ appointment.

PACKAGE VALUE - $350/per month
MODEL SAVINGS - $150/per month

**First time customers will be asked to contact live support to verify your purchase for fraud prevention. Sorry for any inconvenience**

Coaching Packages

All coaching is customized to your individual needs & 1-on-1 sessions are scheduled by you at your conveniennce by clicking 'Book 1-on-1' on the header bar.

1 Coaching Session Monthly

Just want one? No problem!

Perfect for:

  • Models looking for gentle guidence or advice.
  • Monthly check-in & review.
  • Feedback / Q&A

Price - 50$ per/mon.

2 Coaching Sessions Monthly


Perfect for:

  • Models looking for a 'hands-on' coaching experience.
  • Building your success roadmap.
  • Feedback / Q&A

Price - $75 per/mon.

Telegram Monthly Subscription

Get Camming & Creator tips sent right inside your Telegram app!

Perfect for:

  • The model on the GO!
  • Tips. Advice. Show ideas.
  • NEW post every single weekday!

Price - $8.99 per/mon.

Want One Session Only?

Keep an Ace up your sleeve to be used as you please.

No monthly subscription.

What Happens After I Subscribe?

FAQ on your subscription, booking, and more...

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